Brackets etc

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Brackets etc

Postby Neil » Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:53 pm

Hi Guys,

I bought a heap of conversion bits from Adrian but am trying to work out what brackets etc I have actually got (so I know what I need to get).
Can anyone help me out identifying these?



The bottom ones look a bit like engine mounts?

Thanks for your help!

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Postby ProZac » Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:11 pm

Top are power steering pump brackets, look to have been hacked around a bit.

Middle is timing belt tensioner mount I;m pretty sure.

Bottom certainly are engine mounts, one of them (with the rounded corner) has been modified.

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Postby Bitza » Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:01 pm

First pic is a VR4 side engine mount.......but has had the FWD junk cut off it, in order to mount the power steering.

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