My Supercar drive day experience Melbourne.

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My Supercar drive day experience Melbourne.

Postby Nosaki Faki » Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:05 pm

As the title suggests I went on one of these drive days with as a 40th birthday gift, thanks to my family! :D
Had a fantastic time with my 11yo son as co driver/camera man. "so this is what it's like to be rich" he says.
The fleet of cars was pretty cool, 8 all up, they were. in the order I drove them.

Aston martin V8 vantage roadster.
Porsche 911 cabrio.
Ferrari F360 spider.
Jaguar F-type s convertible.
Ferrari California convertible.
Bmw M4 cabrio,
Audi R8 v8 coupe. and
Lamborghini Gallardo spyder.

For risk of sounding like an advertisement, what an awesome day.
320km covered leaving from Cremorne around 10:00 and headed out to the yarra valley and some nice twisty roads.
Typical lead car and tail car setup but we were able to give the cars a pretty good workout.
We stopped for morning tea at a cafe and had a 3 course lunch at a winery and got back to the garage at 5:15ish.

Anybody who is considering doing this don't hesitate, you will not regret it. What a fantastic day.
The only downside to the whole day was having to drive 200km home in my 2000 corolla :(
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Re: My Supercar drive day experience Melbourne.

Postby CaptShiner » Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:20 pm

I did a supercar experience on the Gold Coast a few years back and I have to agree, if the opportuniy arises, take it.

Differnce for me was the ferrari was out and needed repairs, they instead offered a TVR in its place. Holy crap, best car I drove that day (real drivers car) but all where more than worthwhile

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