Starion-Friendly Workshop Registry

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Starion-Friendly Workshop Registry

Postby tmz_99 » Fri May 19, 2006 12:30 pm

Please be aware that this is simply a list of workshops which are 'starion-friendly'. In no way shape or form does an inclusion of a workshop on this list constitute as a recommendation of the workshop by Austarion or it's admins/moderators.
Workshops will be added by correspondence by PM with admins/moderators only. Anybody can submit workshop names, not just the owner, so if anybody has delt with a workshop before and it's a good thing, feel free to PM.

Workshop Name:
Workshop Proprietor:
Workshop Address:
Workshop Phone#:
Workshop Fax#:
Website Address:
Quick Summation [1 line - what they stock, basic services, etc]



Workshop Name: Coltspeed Pty Ltd
Workshop Proprietor: Ron
Workshop Address:
Workshop Phone#:
Workshop Fax#:
Website Address:
Mitsubishi specialists, all servicing and mechanical repairs, engine & gearbox rebuilds - std to full race, MoTeC Dealer.

Workshop Name: D&M Automotive
Workshop Proprietor: Darren
Workshop Address: Brookvale, NSW
Workshop Phone#: 02 9939 0899
Workshop Fax#:
Website Address:
Quick Summation: know the Starion quirks, reasonably priced and good workmanship



Workshop Name: Auto Mobile Magic
Workshop Proprietor: Tyson Roebuck
Workshop Address: Unit 9/11 Forge Close Sumner Park
Workshop Phone#: 07 33764056 Or 0432268294
Workshop Fax#: 07 33764056
Website Address:
Engine and turbo rebuilds, servicing and mechanical repairs, Aircon regasing and compressor rebuilds, Conversions, New tyre,s, fitting and balancing, Suspension, Super Charge Batteries, 24hr roadside Assistance

Workshop Name: Garage Redzone
Workshop Proprietor: David Cox
Workshop Address: 3/5 Service street Maroochydore QLD
Workshop Phone#: (07) 54433507
Workshop Fax#: --
Website Address: --
Starion parts,servicing and performance work,repro fibreglass parts

Workshop Name: Jack Wheeler
Workshop Proprietor: Jack Wheeler
Workshop Address:
2 gibb st southport, runs parallel to ferry road, behind super cheap(old BRAG shop)
Workshop Phone#: 0415194594
Workshop Fax#: --
Website Address: --



Workshop Name: A&V McGuiness
Workshop Address: Sunderland St, Derwent Park
Workshop Phone#: 62721614
electrical - very skilled and cheap as

Workshop Name: Truline Suspension
Workshop Address: 95 Charles St, Moonah 7009
Workshop Phone#: 62731731
two very experienced blokes run it and can do ANY mechanical work VERY well.
very positive attitude toward starions, and bloody cheap prices


Workshop Name: Beyond The Limit Motorsport
Workshop Proprietor: Chris
Workshop Phone#: 0412665945
Website Address: (Under Construction)
In-house Machining, Multipoint specialist, Turbo\Engine Rebuilds and Modifications


Workshop Name: Tunetech Auto Service Centre
Workshop Address: U B/ 40 Farrall Rd Midvale 6056
Workshop Phone#: (08) 9250 3070 or (08) 9250 3077

New Zealand

Workshop Name: Total Turbo NZ Ltd
Workshop Proprietor: David Ragen
Workshop Address: Wellington NZ
Workshop Phone#: 021 135 5107 / 04 472 9140
Workshop Fax#: 04 472 9150
Website Address:

Workshop Name: NZEFI
Workshop Proprietor: Phil/Nick
Workshop Address: 37b Carlyle St, Christchurch, New Zealand
Workshop Phone#: (03) 377-5447
Website Address:
NZEFI is a Christchurch based company which specialises in the sales, installation and tuning of aftermarket engine management systems for a wide range of high-performance applications.

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